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Hozho Freshener Balls

For Odour & Hassle Free Maintenance

Hozho Freshener Balls are built to keep small spaces (washrooms, pantry & store room) in a condition favourable to humans - clean, safe, insect-free & pleasant smelling - always.

. Matches health and hygiene requirements
. Prepared for waterless maintenance
. Prevents clogging of drains
. Repels most insects
. Available in enhanced rose fragrance

Hozho Toilet Solution

For Healthy Washrooms & Happy Janitors

Hozho Toilet Solution is especially formulated to disintegrate organic debris, minerals, limescal & rust, thereby dealing with hard water stains effectively while leaving surfaces clean, shiny and freshly fragrant for a longer duration.

. Deals two times better on stubborn stains of the toilet bowl.
. Spreads on glassy surfaces easily & very safe on enamel surfaces.
. Kills 99% germs.
. Available in sweet-smelling floral aroma.

Hozho Floor Cleaner

For Holisitic Hygiene

Every facility harbours disease-causing germs. Hozho Floor Cleaner comes with a wide range of kill to effectively disinfect surfaces, alongside powering through grime & dissolving dirt, while being residue-free and freshly-fragranced for long periods of time.

. Creates clean, safe and infection-free zone.
. Cuts through tough to moderate stains.
. Clears non-living surfaces from bacteria, fungi and viruses by 99%.
. Carries a pleasant and long-lasting jasmine fragrance

Hozho Liquid Hand Wash

For Protected and Healthy Hands

Hozho Liquid Hand Wash apart from being non-irritant or rash-free like regular hand washes or liquid-soaps, Hozho Liquid Hand Wash is composed with natural ingredients to secure the skin & protect from deadly infection in each use. Additional benefit-every lather keeps the hands smelling fresh.

. Quick cleanser and moisturiser.
. Composed from harmless raw material.
. Works on all skin types; especially safe on sensitive skin.
. Effectively kills 99% germs.
. Perfumed with real rose.

Hozho Room Freshener

For Pleasant & Livable Indoors

Air freshners, in general, can emit or sublime into a range of potentially hazardous air pollutants that can impair air quality. Hozho Room Freshener cause no side effects as they are produced after a close examination of the science, health, and policy perspectives of non-toxic substances.

. Spreads fresh rose scent.
. Composed of natural essential oils.
. Masks bad or pungent odours efficietly.
. Repels many insects and most flies.

Hozho Herbal Phenyl

For an Infection-free Life

Phenyl is essential for hygiene (acting as an antiseptic/ disinfectant/ germicide) and thus used in considerable quantities in kitchens, bathrooms & drain lines of household/resturants and in institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes, dispensaries and municipaltites. Hozho Herbal Phenyl makes this widely produced, thick white milk -like emulusion, doubly safe for health.

. A complete herbal formulation.
. Soft-soap like perfect blend of vegetable and essential oils.
. Repels flying pests and insects (like house-fly, mosquito etc)
. Holds strong pine aroma for hours.
. Ideal for use in a living environment.

Hozho Glass Cleaner

For a Mess-free Life

Used across surfaces like tabletops, windows, cabinets, mirror or furniture, Hozho Glass Cleaner has double the power to cleanse & shine through dirt and dust, while wiping out allergy, infection or illness causing germs. This is suitable for glass, tiles, plastic and metal surfaces and not recommended for wood based products cleaning.

. Made with all natural ingredients.
. Ensures thorough cleansing without damage.
. Best for smooth and polished surfaces.
. Works on hard stains very quickly.
. Safe to use in any living envirnment.

Hozho Soap Oil

For Clearing & Cleansing Coveniently

Hozho Soap Oil is a neutral detergent with an optimal blend of sufactant mixtures, making it potent for wiping out aggregated dirt, grease, oil or dried-food stains, from any non-living surface.

. Doubly powerful on moderate to hard stains.
. Formulated with high quality surfactant.
. Works as floor and utensil cleanser.
. Leaves a citrus fragrance.